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Design for life.

At Pearlfisher we Design For Life because we believe in a better future by design.

We are a visionary group of Futurists, Strategists, Designers and Realizers. By understanding how people’s lives are changing, we create simpler, lighter, and more desirable ideas for the future.


Anticipates and interprets change. Futures anticipates and interprets change to capture desire in culture, shaping opportunities for brands and feed our creative culture. Our Futurists identify key cultural, category and consumer shifts to create future-focused insights, perspectives, workshops, and inspiration sessions. We tailor our futures work to adapt to your short, medium and long-term business needs - to inform and inspire leading edge behavior and expression as well as design briefs.

Insight, Cultural Insight, Ideation

Expresses sharp thinking to unlock desire. Setting the foundations for visionary design solutions and experiences. Our Strategists work with what is unique and special to your brand - from your history to your assets and new stories - to reinforce your iconic brand behaviour and identity. We deliver the whole spectrum of strategic thinking including Brand, Design and Portfolio strategies as well as Naming & Storytelling.

Naming, Brand & Portfolio Innovation, Brand Strategy & Positioning, Portfolio & Visual Architecture, Creative Strategy, Brand Voice, Innovation Strategy, Channel & Messaging Strategy, Communications Strategy

Creates desire through multi-sensorial experiences. Inspired by Futures thinking and powerful Strategy.
Our multidisciplinary team work in diverse cultural environments and sectors, across all touchpoints through visual identity, packaging, digital, structural,
CGI and motion design. All focused on design principles that amplify brand assets and expand the brand experience across physical and digital touchpoints.

Packaging, Visual Identity, Brand Design, Digital Brand Assets, Experiential & Retail Concepting

Makes the impossible, possible. Expanding 2D thinking. We create digital brand assets that will stand out, capture attention, and effectively communicate a brand's core creative idea.

CGI & Motion, Video Editing, Animation, Product & Lifestyle Photography, AR/VR, Retouching

Transforms vision into reality. Pearlfisher’s Realization approach finds the most exciting and pertinent practical solutions, materials and industry advancements to inspire the creative process from the very outset. We transform bold ideas and distinctive brand expressions into the most tangible, meaningful and sustainable solutions that can live – and make a difference – in the real world. We understand that all of our clients have different needs and create bespoke solutions tailored to these challenges to help brands stay one step ahead of the competitive

Materials Strategy, Artworking & Mechanicals, Sourcing & Manufacturing

Elevates design to function in concert with nature. Sustainability is fundamental to what we do at Pearlfisher. It sits as a foundation of the work of all of our teams – across Futures, Strategy, Design and Realization. We approach sustainability holistically because its future is multidisciplinary.

Sustainability Consultations, Audits & Workshops, Sustainable Packaging

Three things we don't do.

  1. Unethical work

    We won't work with anyone that isn't truthful about their brand, is wilfully harming life, enforcing hardship or damaging the environment. 

  2. Unpaid work

    We don't offer free creative pitches – or free
exclusivity. It's simply not good business for anyone.

  3. Unjustness

    We foster a welcoming, diverse and inclusive workplace culture with no room for discrimination and where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.