How do we re-energise one of Britain's biggest beverage icons?

Lucozade is an icon in the energy drinks category. Created in Newcastle in 1927 with one original recipe, today it’s sold in 15 different countries. Now no longer one drink, but many – with different product ranges created to cater to different drinkers’ needs – the time was right for the first major refresh in Lucozade’s 97 year history. Our strategy to reinvigorate the brand involved consolidating Lucozade’s ranges of Energy and Sport under a unified masterbrand approach. This involved a new visual identity and logo redesign, including Lucozade's iconic arc and wordmark.

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The arc, a symbol of Lucozade’s energy, has been redrawn and modernised. It now radiates with an optimistic, vibrant yellow, enhancing the brand’s credibility. This change not only makes the masterbrand more prominent, but also adds a powerful sense of momentum. The wordmark, once positioned vertically inside the arc, now sits horizontally, propelling the arc upwards with a dynamic sense of movement.

The new, flexible graphic system differentiates between product ranges. For Energy, a background of pure bubbles. For Sport, an athletic mesh-like pattern, akin to sportswear. And for Zero, the introduction of white at the top of the pattern, to evoke lightness. Now, under the consistency of the energising arc, there is an extra layer that communicates the benefits and differences of every Lucozade drink. The end result is a design unified under the inherently vibrant energy and dynamism of Lucozade, which creates a powerful and cohesive brand presence that resonates with long-standing fans and appeals to new shoppers.